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CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread

Finding Her Voice, Supporting the Homeless

Ashley Estrada Montalvo getting direction from Our Daily Bread Client Richard Jesse Reece

When Ashley Montalvo Estrada became a part of CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, she found a sense of satisfaction that she never felt before. Why? To put it simply, it gave her a new point of view. Clearly, Ashley found her calling. She found her voice. The Alice, Texas native came to CHRISTUS through an impressive…

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One Client’s Daily Struggle


Johnny M has been fighting a drug addiction for most of his life. After nearly 15 years of sobriety, he had a moment of relapse. This was the beginning of his downward spiral. His addiction resulted in marital problems and subsequently Johnny was homeless. Miserable and hungry, Johnny M sought CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread for…

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UTMB Students Visit CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread

UTMB Students at Christus Our Daily Bread

University of Texas Medical Branch Medical (UTMB) students enrolled in the School of Medicine and Masters of Public Health programs visited and toured the CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread facility, located at 2420 Winnie St. Galveston, Texas, as part of a 4-week long class called “Topics of Public Health.” The class was designed to introduce students…

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