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Elise Riley, a 9-year-old third grader from Cline Elementary in Friendswood, Texas, embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Last month Elise celebrated her birthday and instead of the usual toys and games, Elise requested gifts of cash to donate to a non-profit at Christmas. Grandmother, Margie Riley, supplied a list of charities. As an organizer of HopeFest at Hope Lutheran Church which benefits local charities, Margie is familiar with many local non-profits. Elise selected CHRISTUS Our Daily in Galveston.

Elise and her parents, Tara and Matthew Riley, Grandmother Margie, and siblings, Abby and Ethan made a special trip to Galveston to bring her $270 gift in person. Director of CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, Linda Coleman, welcomed the family and gave them a tour to show how Elise’s gift will help provide breakfast and lunch, warm clothing and counseling for those who find themselves homeless.

When asked how she chose CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, Elise responded “Everyone should have something at Christmas. My family loves to visit Galveston.”

“We are very proud of our daughter” said Dad, Matthew.  “This was her idea and something she wanted to do.”

“We are very honored to be selected as the recipient of your birthday gift,” said Linda Coleman. “Your gift will help many.”

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