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From The Houston Chronicle – Chron.com
By ALLAN TURNER, Houston Chronicle | November 28, 2014
Photo By Mayra Beltran/AP

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston nun, a doctor, dedicates life to helping

Sister Rosanne Popp wanted to get rid of one misconception right away: When she rides a motorcycle, it’s never as a sidecar passenger.

To those who know the diminutive Catholic nun, a member of Houston’s Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word and co-founder of the charitable motorcycle Nun Run, Popp’s bold claim of two-wheeler prowess is right in character.

Each fall, she dons helmet and macho riding gear to lead the Houston-to-Galveston excursion to raise funds for the CHRISTUS Foundation for Healthcare.

This year, the 50-mile trip brought the organization $96,000. Popp, 66, brings the same tenacity and professional athleticism to her day job as medical director of the foundation’s southeast Houston St. Mary’s Clinic, a family medicine practice serving Houston’s uninsured.

With the help of two part-time assistants, Popp, who became a doctor after a long nursing career, handles as many as 10,000 cases annually.

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