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Continuing Her Education To Meet A Need

Janet Saleem has cared for thousands of patients during her 13 years with CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics.

After her initial meeting with the Mobile Clinics team, she knew the program was a good fit for her.  “I felt like they would provide me with the supportive atmosphere I needed to thrive as a medical assistant and that we could make a difference in the underserved communities,” said Saleem.

She recently added to her list of accomplishments by becoming a Registered Nurse. In December, Saleem graduated with her RN from Western Governors University. She says that COVID-19 was the driving force for nursing school. “After seeing the urgent need for nurses and other medical professionals during the pandemic, I felt helpless and had an overwhelming urge to do more for my community.”

Through the Mobile Clinics, free medical services such as vaccinations and health screenings are provided to those in-need, in addition to medical expertise and health education to patients who are at risk. For Saleem, one recent patient’s healthcare challenges were impactful.

During a weekend health screening, a patient was diagnosed with extremely high blood sugar. “She informed me that she had run out of her diabetes medication and couldn’t afford to pay for an office visit or her medications,” said Saleem. “Since it was a Saturday, I provided the patient with information about St. Mary’s Clinic and thanked her for coming to us for help. A few days later, we were informed that the patient had gone to St. Mary’s Clinic to see the doctor and was able to get on a prescription assistance program. At the end of the each day, I feel a great sense of pride knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

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