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Generous Donation Secured By Volunteer Physician

In addition to the primary care patients receive at CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic, they also have access to podiatry care, when needed.

Podiatrist Dr. David Wolf has volunteered at St. Mary’s Clinic for a number of years. “He is always looking for ways to provide services and podiatric supplies for our patients,” Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D. said. To the clinic’s great surprise, last week five large boxes arrived at the clinic with orthotics (special shoe inserts) that Dr. Wolf had gotten donated to the clinic.

“When questioned about this mysterious gift, Dr. Wolf related that he started writing letters to all the vendors he knew (about 20 in all) to request donations for the clinic,” Sister Rosanne said. “One vendor gave him creams that could be used for foot infections, and Powerstep gave Dr. Wolf a donation of orthotics.”  As you can see from photo, this was a large gift indeed. Each of these inserts costs between $35-$50 to purchase.

“We thank Dr. Wolf not only for his time, but for his extra efforts in making sure that our patients get the foot care they need to live healthy and productive lives,” Sister Rosanne said. “It’s kind of hard to work in construction, housekeeping or restaurants when your feet hurt!”

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