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A Home For Baby

In November, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread staff had an opportunity to assist a homeless couple with a baby on the way.  They were in dire need of housing and so much more. The mother to be was nearing her due date. The couple showed up one morning on doorstep of Our Daily Bread asking for help.  

While these were not the homeless clients that Our Daily Bread typically provides services for, Angela Joseph, Program Director, and the Our Daily Bread team immediately went into action. They reached out to Reverend Lawson at The Chosen Ones Outreach Ministries of Galveston, whose focus is providing affordable housing and more, for those in need. According to Joseph, the Chosen Ones is the number one go to organization in the area for rapid rehousing. The Chosen Ones cover the application fee, the deposit, and the first two-to-three months of rent (which is based on the applicant’s income). By covering all of these expenses, it allows the renter to get ahead and save money, while getting back on their feet. Through this new partnership, Our Daily Bread has another resource in securing housing for those clients who are ready to move off the streets. 

Within a week of working with The Chosen Ones, the couple were in an apartment in Texas City, doing well and awaiting the birth of their baby boy. This story does not end here though. As always the Our Daily Bread team went above and beyond. They secured a donated bed and clothing for the couple, as well as two huge bags of baby clothes, diapers, formula, baby toiletries, a used stroller and bassinet from various sources, including their own families and friends. The Our Daily Bread team also provided some grocery items to stock their pantry.  

“This couple is now off the street and have a warm, safe place where they can start their new family,” Joseph said.

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