Keeping Children Healthy

When you give to CHRISTUS School Clinics, you make a major difference in the lives of children in our community. Each year, 19 CHRISTUS School Clinics are called upon more than 6,000 times to care for children at school – where they spend the greatest portion of their day.

Telemedicine Increases Capacity to Serve

CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare uses an innovative telemedicine program in all CHRISTUS School Clinics. Via laptop computers, medical assistants working at School Clinics can connect with CHRISTUS family nurse practitioners and physicians. These healthcare professionals can see what a school’s medical assistant sees, ask students questions, provide real-time diagnosis and even prescriptions.

Words from a Working Parent

“Many times we have to wait and take them to an emergency care place on the weekend, just so we don’t get financially penalized for missing work. I thank God for CHRISTUS School clinics. I have such great relief knowing my children will not suffer because they can go to the school clinic when they are sick and I don’t have to miss work and income to take them to the doctor.”

Did you know CHRISTUS School Clinics…

  • provided 12,934 on-campus medical and counseling patient encounters in 2017.
  • vaccinated 204 children against influenza.
  • administered 1,170 over the counter prescriptions and 210 sports physicals.


Assumption Catholic School, PK3-8
(281) 447-2132

Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep
(281) 501-1298

Holy Ghost School, PK3-8
(713) 668-5327

Our Lady of Fatima, Galena Park, PK3-6
(713) 674-5832

Our Lady of Fatima, Texas City, PK3-8
(409) 945-3326

Our Lady of Guadalupe School, PK3-8
(713) 224-6904

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, PK3-8
(713) 643-0676

Queen of Peace, PK3-8
(713) 921-1558

Resurrection School, PK3-8
(713) 674-5545

St. Francis of Assisi, PK3-8
(713) 672-7773

St. Augustine School, PK3-8
(713) 946-9050

St. Christopher, PK3-8
(713) 649-0009

St. Mary of the Purification, PK3-5
(713) 522-9276

St. Peter the Apostle, PK3-8
(713) 747-9484

St. Pius V, PK3-8
(713) 472-5172

Yellowstone Academy, Inc.
(713) 741-8000

Houston Can Academy- Northside
(713) 659-4226

Houston Can Academy- Greater Hobby Area
(832) 379-4226

Houston Can Academy- Southwest
(281) 918-4316




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Vital On-Campus Services

  • Direct healthcare to students and families
  • Leadership for the provision of health-related services
  • Screening and referral for health conditions
  • Leadership in promoting health and a healthy school environment
  • Leadership in developing health policies and programs
  • Liaisons among school personnel, family, community and other healthcare providers