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Next Level Care Through Telemedicine

A student at Our Lady of Fatima – Galena Park recently came to the CHRISTUS School Clinic with a severe allergic reaction in her eye. Medical Assistant Marikza Mendoza knew the student had a history of allergic rhinitis. Mendoza checked the student’s temperature and O2 level, called the mom, and then decided to utilize the clinic’s telemedicine. All telemedicine appointments are managed through CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic and are used most for COVID testing, rashes, allergy symptoms or upper respiratory illnesses.

“Telemedicine in schools offers numerous benefits, including improved access to healthcare for students who may not otherwise have easy access to medical services,” Dr. Nancy Kwan, St. Mary’s Clinic physician and the School Clinics telemedicine physician, said. “It reduces school absences by providing timely medical attention without the need for students to leave school premises. Additionally, telemedicine enhances early detection and management of health issues, leading to better overall student health outcomes.”

For parents, telemedicine gives access to a physician when one is needed by a student. “It also provides convenience for parents and caregivers by eliminating the need for taking time off work for medical appointments,” Kwan said. “Overall, telemedicine in schools promotes a healthier and more productive learning environment.”

“It is so great to work as a team with Dr. Kwan,” Mendoza said. “I was able to keep the mom on the phone while Dr. Kwan was addressing the allergic reaction through the telemedicine.” Dr. Kwan advised Mendoza on how to use the over-the-counter medication the School Clinic had to treat the issue. “We were able to go the extra mile to keep the mom calm at work and let her know when her daughter’s reaction had subsided. She expressed how appreciative she was for taking care of her child and the difference it makes having a CHRISTUS School Clinic at her daughter’s school.”

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