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TeleMedicine Bridges Child Health Care

Telemedicine used in St. Pius V Catholic SchoolIf you thought telemedicine was merely a matter of convenience, think again. Telemedicine is an emergent method of accessing healthcare for people who have a lack of resources or extenuating circumstances leading to health issues.

Telehealth became a part of the medical treatment at the CHRISTUS School Clinics in 2014.

Ashley Montalvo Estrada has been with CHRISTUS School Clinics for four years as a medical professional at one of the school clinics.

“I had a student at one time who complained of itching and presented with blisters and scabs on her arms and wrist,” said Estrada. “I decided to contact the doctor for assistance and through telemedicine the doctor was able to diagnose the student with scabies, a highly contagious infestation of tiny mites under the outer layers of skin. Had it not been for telehealth there is a high possibility that the infestation could have spread to other students and her family.”

Thanks to telehealth and a timely diagnosis, the student was sent home along with scabicide lotion, and the issue was subsequently contained to the affected student.

Nancy L. Kwan D.O., is a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, physician and primary provider of Telemedicine for the CHRISTUS School Clinic medical personnel depend on to diagnose health issues reported by a student.

School Clinics Statistics 2018“The main goal of keeping Telehealth in the schools is so that we can keep attendance up,” said Kwan. “Many times common complaints have been easily diagnosed allowing us to make split second decisions. The apparatus helps us ascertain whether the illness is infectious, in which case the student is sent home, or the student is treated efficiently at school. Parents are able to avoid absences at work and the student can continue their education.”

At CHRISTUS School Clinics, we make a major difference in the lives of underserved children in our community. We serve thousands of students in 16 CHRISTUS School Clinics across the Greater Houston Area.

We provide leadership for the provision of health-related services, direct healthcare to students, screening and referrals for health conditions.

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