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Area School Parents Depend On Care From School Clinics

Since 1997, CHRISTUS School Clinics has served the health needs, including mental health, of schools in Houston’s underserved areas. One school receiving care is St. Mary of the Purification Catholic School. Located in the Third Ward, a majority of the students are neighborhood residents with many receiving financial aid to attend.

For Principal Deena Wolf, the School Clinic provides critical resources to address the health and nutrition needs of the students. “Without the support of CHRISTUS, we would not have the resources to provide a nurse for our campus,” Wolf said. “The School Clinic enables St. Mary’s to ensure immunizations are updated, and records are maintained.

School Clinic Medical Assistant Lorena Roman has overseen St. Mary’s school clinic for five years. “I love working with the students,” Roman said. “When they don’t feel good, they come visit me. Then later on in the week, they see me in the hallway, recognize me, and run to hug me.”

Roman recently had a PreK4 student come to see her due to ear pain. “She was crying and upset about her pain,” Roman said.  After speaking with her mother on the phone, the student calmed down. “She relaxed even more when she heard mom was going to pick her up. I gave her a coloring book and crayons to keep her focused on a task while she waited for mom.”

The CHRISTUS School Clinic brings reassurance to the school community. “Our parents appreciate whenever their children are sick that they are able to see a nurse,” Wolf said. “Having a School Clinic on campus brings comfort to both parents and the school.”

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