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That’s Where I Belong

Annually, CHRISTUS School Clinics provide healthcare and counseling services to 16 Houston-area schools. For the last four years, Nohemi Flores has served as the medical assistant for two of those schools – St. Christopher Catholic School and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Her days consist of everything from stomach aches to managing students with on-going conditions. On average she will see between 10-20 students a day. “I enjoy making kids feel better and providing comfort to them,” she said.

Through the school clinics, students diagnosed with more severe medical issues are able to be directed to a higher level of care. A third grader at St. Christopher came into the clinic feeling dizzy. The student had a racing pulse that never slowed after some rest. A visit to the ER found that she suffered from a heart condition. “What seemed small at the time, was actually a big deal,” Flores said.

From the daily care to addressing larger issues, the School Clinics offer a frontline in care for these Houston-area students. Flores is grateful to work in the schools. “That’s where I belong.”

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