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CHRISTUS School Clinic Provides Safe Harbor for St. Pius V 6th Grader

These are the two words that make, 6th grader, Mia Hernandez feel safe; Mommy and Denisse.

Mia Hernandez rests her head on her mother's shoulder, holding on to the stuffed monkey that helped her during a terrible health scareNow 11 years old, Mia recounted an ordeal that led her to add CHRISTUS School Clinic Medical Assistant, Ms. Denisse Hardy at St. Pius V, to the likes of her mother, aligning her name with a sense of safety.

Falling Sick

Approximately one year ago, Mia fell ill while at school. What followed was an excruciating headache and anxiety that almost doubled her over in the hallway. Hardy noticed Mia in anguish and jumped into action.

“I just finished my shift when I saw Mia crying,” said Hardy. “We took her to the principal, and tried our best to calm her down.”
“I remember being in pain and being really scared,” said Mia. “I can’t remember too much that day but I do remember Ms. Carlton giving me a stuffed monkey to help calm me down.”

Jumping into Action

In addition to attempting to diagnose the problem, Ms. Hardy called the emergency medical services and prayed with Mia until their arrival. Ms. Hardy called the EMS, Mia’s mother; to notify her of the situation, gifted Mia a bracelet to help calm her down and even clasped her hands in prayer with Mia. Monica, her mom, arrived shortly after the paramedics arrived.

I decided to take her to the hospital myself, so she wouldn’t feel even more nervous than she already felt,” said mom. “We took her to the emergency room and they drew blood among other tests and said that the headaches were a result of anxiety.”

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Mia surrounded by the people who make her feel safe; her mother on the left and the best nurse in the world, ms. DenisseMia’s mother, Monica was worried but felt a sense of peace knowing that someone was there with Mia in lieu of medical personnel arrival.

“I appreciate Ms. Denisse so much,” said Monica. “She is one of the reasons I kept Mia at St. Pius V. If, she wasn’t here, it would have been very difficult and God knows, the outcome could have been different, in a bad way.”

“I heard Mia in the background while speaking Ms. Denisse on the phone that day,” said Monica. “I was losing my mind wondering what was wrong with my child, and through it all she assured me that everything was going to be okay.”

For Denisse Hardy this job is much more than medical treatment.

“I love the children and I believe God put me here for a reason,” said Hardy.

Hardy became a nurse after a friend recommended that she try nursing because of her natural care-giving disposition.

“Seeing Mia now after helping her through her ordeal a year ago, makes me feel great,” said Hardy. “I just want Mia know that we’re always here for her, no matter what. Since she’s gotten back to school, she’s been doing great.”

Mia is all smiles today, clad in her plaid blue and green uniform with her glasses riding the bridge of her nose.

“When I see Ms. Denisse, I feel love for her,” said Mia. “When I see her, I feel happy and best of all, I feel safe.”

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