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Aid for an Infection

as reported by Nipa Kamdar, RN, FNP-C

A mother of a student called me because she wanted someone to check her leg for an infection. She was running a fever and had spreading redness on her calf. Although she has insurance – her deductible is high and her husband has been unemployed for several months – she went to see one of our nurse practitioners who was working that day. The nurse practitioner prescribed her an appropriate antibiotic and instructed her to follow up with me within two days if she was not significantly improved. The mother spoke with me two days later and arrived at our school clinic with fever and worsening infection. Unfortunately she was sent to the ER with concern of cellulitis failing oral antibiotic treatment and she was admitted for three days. Clinically, we had done all the appropriate measures but the bacteria causing her infection was resistant to the antibiotic and she required IV therapy.

This case illustrates a very important aspect of our mission – to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing primary healthcare services. If she did not have access to our services, she may have waited to seek care until too late. She could have easily become septic – where the infection spreads into the blood and affects the entire body. While we were unable to treat her infection on an outpatient basis, we did provide her with guidance and assurance that she a needed high level of care. We also gave her advice to speak with the finance office at the hospital to hopefully work out an affordable payment plan. Finally, she knows that we are only a phone call away and will assist her in a way we can.

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