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A (Not So) Secret Santa Gifts A Learning Center Student

Christmas came early for CHRISTUS Learning Center student Robert Harris. On Thursday, December 19, Harris was gifted with a new bicycle by Learning Center Educator Karl Virtue.

Virtue had noticed that Harris was riding to class on a child-sized bicycle and decided to step in and upgrade Harris’ ride with an adult-sized bicycle.

Harris is one of the students in the Learning Center’s GED class. He has been participating in the class for 18 months and has the desire to further his education by going to college in the near future.

Harris currently works at a deli downtown as a delivery person. His delivery routes are not more than 4 miles around downtown, and for this reason, his new bicycle will be particularly useful for him.

After dropping out of school at a young age, Harris is now trying to get back on track. This program has helped him improve his basic reading, writing and math skills to obtain his job, which he has retained for over a year.

When presented with the bicycle, Harris had hugs for not just Virtue, but ALL of the educators.

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