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A Sense of Steadiness

Recently, a husband was accompanying his wife to her appointment at CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic. Medical Assistant Noelia Meraz noticed he was using a plastic pipe as a cane when he stood to use the restroom. “I saw he was struggling since the pipe was not sturdy and uncomfortable to grab,” Meraz said.  

CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic periodically receives donations of canes and wheelchairs for patients in need. Meraz presented one of the donated canes to the husband. “I could tell the man was sort of embarrassed, but was also really grateful,” Meraz said. “I reassured him it was okay to receive the cane, and both he and his wife were emotionally happy. It warmed my heart seeing the joy on their faces.”  

Meraz was glad knowing she was able to help this man.  “I know it was probably uncomfortable grabbing the pipe and having to apply pressure to his hand. The cane would allow him to move easier and with less discomfort.”  

For Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D., the act of kindness displayed by Meraz speak volumes to the care given by the clinic. “Our entire staff puts the needs of our community at the forefront.” 

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