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All In The Family

Ashley Suayan’s was first introduced to CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread at the young age of four*. Suayan’s great-grandmother Raymunda Decal started volunteering in 2002 at the age of 79 and often had Suayan in tow.

“She loved volunteering,” Suayan said. “It kept her moving and staying active. Sometimes when there were not enough volunteers, my dad would come and help her.”

Suayan’s parents would drop her grandmother off at Our Daily Bread, and they would on occasion let her join her grandmother. “Every time I came, the other volunteers would give me donuts,” Suayan said. “They let me help them with putting dishes away, and sometimes when we got there early, I would help with breakfast.” On days when Decal volunteered solo, she would always remember to bring home donuts for Suayan and her brother.

In January, Suayan started a new chapter as a volunteer at Our Daily Bread, and in May, she asked to join the team as a part-time employee. Her knew position is helping her pay for classes as she pursues a nursing degree.

“I love that I’m helping others,” Suayan said. “I also love that I’m making new memories and remembering the old ones.”

*Since 2010, volunteers under the age of 18 are not permitted at Our Daily Bread.

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