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An Everyday Miracle

A story shared from the daily workings of CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic as they offer access to Christ’s love and healing through compassionate healthcare.


After suffering a severe case of pancreatitis, an over nine month coma and several abdominal surgeries, Laura was left with Type 1 Diabetes and a colostomy.

Laura has no source of income and does not qualify for any public assistance. The typical pattern for Laura’s health care had been to visit the emergency room when her sugar level skyrocketed and she felt extremely ill, take the insulin given to her in the emergency room until finished, wait until her diabetes was out of control again and repeat the cycle.

Laura had been doing this for eight years until someone told her about St. Mary’s clinic.


As is St. Mary’s Clinic’s usual manner of caring for any and all, Laura was given a physical exam, baseline labs were drawn, vaccines updated and preventive health screenings scheduled. Laura’s medication options were reviewed with her as well as the best way for her to receive insulin on a timely basis. The clinic staff also ensured she had insulin and syringes for use starting that day.


Because of St. Mary’s Clinic Laura, no longer has to use the emergency room as her primary source of heath care services. She has access to on-going restorative and preventive health care and the means to obtain the medications that she needs to be healthy.

Thank you to our supporters who help our clinics create these every day miracles. Your generosity empowers our programs to deliver Christ’s love and healing to the most vulnerable individuals, like Laura, in our community.

CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare – We are Here for Good.

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