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Time To Get Back On Track

Now more than ever, people are realizing prevention is key to stopping deadly diseases. Since all our eyes are on the topic of this pandemic, let us not forget of the “arsenal” of vaccines safely stored at your nearest provider. Keeping our children on track with life-saving vaccines is now more important than ever! CHRISTUS ST.…

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Moody Foundation funds Mental HealthCare for CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic

CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare is incredibly grateful to Moody Foundation for supporting Mental HealthCare Services at CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic. With the addition of these services, CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic will bring some of Houston’s most vulnerable residents coordinated care for their mind and body. Thank you Moody Foundation for your help in…

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Avoiding Emergency Rooms

Experts report that more than half the problems patients bring to emergency rooms either do not or would not require hospital-based care if an alternative source were readily available.

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