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CHRISTUS Learning Center Provides English and Cultural Sensitivity Education

Father Ian Balinomo, FLP, at the alter at the Chapel in the W.T. & Louise J. Moran CenterFrom early on, Father Ian Balinomo, FLP, understood the importance of communication. He understood how communication connects people and organizations with each other.

“Communication is so important,” said Fr. Ian. “Knowing this, I decided that as soon as I could, I would seek to study the English language to become the best communicator I can be. That was a challenge I issued to myself and I achieve more daily.”

The Search to Master the English Language

Filled with love and enthusiasm for spreading the word, Fr. Ian’s search for classes to help him master the English language led him to two nuns who had gone through the CHRISTUS Learning Center program. The Sisters then moved on to Houston Community College to further their studies. They recommended the CHRISTUS Learning Center.

He did not hesitate to ask his superiors for permission to attend classes daily to work on his goals before reporting to his office, where he is a Catholic Hospital Chaplain at Ben Taub Hospital, an acute care facility and Level 1 Trauma Center in the Texas Medical Center.

The CHRISTUS Difference

His class, filled with cultural cues from countries in Africa, Mexico, Central and South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, bestowed upon him an opportunity to absorb not only English, but cultural sensitivity too.

“Thanks to the CHRISTUS Learning Center, my English has improved dramatically,” said Fr. Ian. “To my surprise, I also began understanding the complexity of different cultures represented in my class. Thanks to that experience, I came to understand those cultural sensitivities at Ben Taub Hospital, as I pray with the sick and injured along with their families.”

“God calls us in different ways,” said Fr. Ian. “Vocations are precious gifts from God for everyone. It is a calling that could come to anyone without regard for status. This is my calling to serve God. I have been able to do a better job serving God and taking care of my brothers and sisters thanks to CHRISTUS Learning Center I am getting better at it.”

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