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The Tools To Succeed

Located in Houston’s East End, CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic provides vital healthcare services to low-income, underserved patients – those patients who have nowhere else to turn. Edward Bunch is one. While on disability with no insurance, Bunch was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after having 10 heart attacks.

Following his last attack, the hospital instructed him to find someone to monitor his condition, which was difficult with no insurance. He found CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic in May 2019 and began seeing Dr. Popp.

With deteriorating health and weight gain, Bunch voiced his concerns to Dr. Popp about getting his condition under control, and she said, “We are going to get you there.”

By getting his medications right and making lifestyle adjustments, Bunch has lost 65 pounds and has had no new attacks. “They give you the tools you need to succeed,” Bunch said. “It is all due to Dr. Popp and the clinic. I give praise to the staff. They go above and beyond to help you.”

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