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Clinics Collaborate In Patient Care

In the fall, Joseph*, a 40-year-old patient, came into CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic as a follow-up to an emergency room visit.  He had recently fallen into a ravine and broke his heel. “The emergency room he visited wrapped it with an ACE wrap and recommended he follow-up with an orthopedist,” Point of Light Clinic Nurse Practitioner Beth Ryan said. “He was unable to afford one and found our clinic for his follow-up.”

During Ryan’s visit with Joseph, she could see he was in significant pain and needed the care of an orthopedist. Knowing that CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic had a volunteer orthopedist, she was able to secure an appointment with Dr. David Wolf the following week. “He was unable to bear weight on his foot and his x-ray showed a displaced fracture,” Dr. Wolf said. Upon further examination,  Wolf decided to delay surgery and give the foot a chance to heal on its own. “We were able to secure him a walkabout stroller, which allowed him to continue to work and provide for his family.”

After a period of staying off his foot, Joseph was now able to move into a boot. “Dr. Wolf had the boot sent to our office to make it easier for Joseph to pick up,” Ryan said. Wolf also sent instructions on exercise and weight-bearing orders. “We are still not out of the woods, but if he follows protocol, we should be able to bypass surgery,” Wolf said.

For Ryan, having access to providers in other programs means better outcomes for her patients. “I love how our team works together and how supported I am here at Point of Light Clinic.”


*not patient’s real name

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