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Collab for Good


On Friday, twenty-nine associates and providers of CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic paused from their usual ministry to visit the birthplace of the Congregation and CHRISTUS in Galveston, Texas. 

As part of their visit to Galveston, the St. Mary’s Clinic associates visited CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, a day shelter for the homeless. They prepared for this visit many months in advance, putting aside their “$5.00 Jean Friday” donations to purchase items requested by Our Daily Bread. These funds were spent getting cases of travel size deodorant, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes for Our Daily Bread clients. In addition, the staff also bought and assembled foods for “to go snack packs” (cookies, fresh fruit, breakfast bars, water etc).

The St. Mary’s Clinic associates learned about caring for Galveston’s homeless and some of their unique social, physical and healthcare needs. The staff helped to prepare lunch for the clients as well as restocking and sorting dry and canned foods in the food pantries. They also participated in a beautiful custom at ODB:  before the staff begins to serve lunch, everyone gathers in the kitchen and one of the Our Daily Bread associates leads a prayer, blessing the food, the clients and all those who attend that day. 

Following lunch, the staff got back on the bus and visited two historical sites of great significance to the CCVI Congregation/CHRISTUS. They visited the site where the first hospital was started in 1866 and the site of the St. Mary’s Orphanage where 90 children and 10 Sisters lost their lives in the Great 1900 storm. They were fascinated to know that the spirits of the children remain at the site (now a Walmart), and Walmart employees attest to hearing children’s voices at night and often find toys lying on the floor as if someone had recently been playing with them.

At the end of the day, the St. Mary’s Clinic staff felt that they had a much better connection and understanding of the mission and ministries of CHRISTUS, and particularly feel connected to Our Daily Bread.  Although taking time away from a usual ministry as a team has monetary and other implications, the bonding among associates and a deepened sense of mission was obvious, as evidenced by the most frequently asked question as the bus arrived back at St. Mary’s – “When can we do this again?”.

Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D.
Medical Director
CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic

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