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Developing Life Skills For Independence

For Jesse Jaynes, UTMB-Galveston’s collaborations with area non-profits led her to CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. Jaynes is pursuing her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy is a holistic, client-centered profession that assists individuals in performing occupations, such as getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, social situations and more. “An OT addresses the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual factors that affect engagement in occupations,” Jaynes said. “We restore meaning and value in clients’ lives by encouraging problem-solving.” 

Following clinical rotations, students complete the implementation of their capstone project, which allows students to experience working with populations as a whole. “I believe my capstone coordinator understood my desire to be involved in a meaningful community-based setting and thought that CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread would be a great fit for me,” Jaynes said.

Jaynes hosts 60-minute group sessions and utilizes activities to educate and develop various life skills. She also allows clients to sign-up for individual 45-minute OT sessions each Wednesday.

For one client, Jaynes has provided him a lifeline to communicate. The client had experienced two strokes and struggled to speak clearly. “What I realized upon meeting him was that it was important to him to communicate effectively with others and be understood,” Jaynes said. Her solution was a laminated alphabet sheet with commonly used words that he was able to wear around his neck on a lanyard. He is able to “type” out his sentences to better communicate with the staff. “He is now able to tell others his needs and thoughts with less frustration.”

For Jaynes, Our Daily Bread’s mission and her work in occupational therapy are much in alignment. “This organization loves its clients and gives them constant support, which is essential,” she said. “OTs are there, constantly encouraging, problem-solving, and brainstorming ideas to make life easier for those who need to lean on somebody.”

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