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This holiday season, give a life-changing gift for the most at-risk individuals in our community.

Give a gift for Miguel. Struggling with uncontrolled diabetes, Miguel came into CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic with an ulcer on his foot. Thinking the ulcer was not that bad, he continued to work. The foot was at the point where in most cases his leg would have been amputated. Volunteer podiatrist Dr. David Wolf secured vascular surgery on the foot, as well as tissue donations to regenerate the growth - all free of charge. The team effort of clinic physicians restored Miguel’s foot, got his diabetes under control, and enabled him to return to his job as a landscaper.

Give a gift for Norma. During a recent visit to a CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics screening, 63-year-old Norma presented with extremely high blood pressure. Previously on blood pressure medication, Norma stopped the medication as she didn’t feel it was helping. The team took the time to educate Norma on what it meant to be asymptomatic, and the reason why these conditions are called silent killers. The Mobile Clinics team sent her to CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic immediately. When the team followed up with her, and she said no one had ever cared enough nor treated her the way the CHRISTUS team did.

Give a gift for Robert. For a couple of years, Robert was an intermittent client at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. Robert would secure a job and a place to live. However, addiction kept moving him backwards, and he would wind up on the street again. A year ago, Robert wanted help in finding a rehab. After a year at Open Door Mission, a non-profit program in Houston helping homeless men who struggle with addiction, Robert was clean and ready to start a new life. He now has a job at a Houston hotel, his own place and custody of his two sons.

Become a monthly donor through our Healing Helpers. Monthly gifts allow you the opportunity to make a greater overall impact in our work through a smaller dollar amount each month.

For example, a one-time gift of $45 can ensure the protection of three individuals with necessary immunizations, while your monthly gift of the $30 can cover 24 patients, offering protection to some of our most vulnerable members in the community.

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