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Everyday People: Richard Jesse Reece in His Own Words

In The Beginning

richard Jesse Reece sitting on the steps of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church opposite Our Daily Bread reflecting on his past

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1971 at 16-years-old, my parents and I a Judge gave me a choice, either a Boys Home or the service and I picked the Marine Corps. I am a proud member of the 103rd Battalion. My military occupational specialty (MOS) was Motor Transport and I got out after four years at my last duty station in Quantico, Virginia.

I planned to hitchhike to California. I ended up in New Orleans and Bourbon Street was all it took and I was hooked.

One thing led to another, I had a kid, the marriage was short and the thing that stood out the most for me in the divorce decree was that I couldn’t see my kid. He’s 40 now.

New to Galveston

In 1985 I came to the island and worked construction building everything from decks to floors. I had an unfortunate run in with the law because of my mouth and it led me to do some time at TDC. My number was 2091621, but I’ve been out for a couple of months now and I’m trying to make a good life.

I would tell anyone out here on the corner to get down on their knees and thank Jesus for people like the ones here at Our Daily Bread. The streets are a dangerous place and Our Daily Bread is by far, the best refuge. Our Daily Bread taught me to look toward a good life and that is exactly what I plan to do–live a good life.

Every day is a struggle for individuals suffering from mental illnesses and chemical addictions. CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread provides guidance and structure to clients who are homeless, assisting them as they develop a plan of action to break the cycles of addiction and despair. We can do so much more with your support. Donate to CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread today.
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