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Finding Her Voice, Supporting the Homeless

When Ashley Montalvo Estrada became a part of CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, she found a sense of satisfaction that she never felt before. Why? To put it simply, it gave her a new point of view. Clearly, Ashley found her calling. She found her voice.

Ashley Estrada Montalvo getting direction from Our Daily Bread Client Richard Jesse ReeceThe Alice, Texas native came to CHRISTUS through an impressive bevy of medical jobs and responsibilities. Her education, though centered around business, did little to discourage her from seeking her calling in the medical field. She soon accepted that her calling was far beyond numbers, debits and credits.

Her voice, she would find, was a voice beckoning her to champion the underserved in sometimes the smallest but most important ways.

Double Time

Estrada, who works primarily at CHRISTUS School Clinics, began dividing her 40-hour workweek between the school clinics and CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread to help the homeless.

“I worked in pain management, nephrology and primary care before coming to CHRISTUS,” said Estrada. “Here, I do a little bit of everything. I try my best to suuprn from giving medication to giving out hygiene products, but most of all I help them process, simply by talking to them.”

It may seem obvious, but everyone needs help sometime and that especially applies to the homeless
population. In Galveston, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread plays a significant role in helping the homeless community.
“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field, said Estrada.

“Witnessing someone at their lowest and helping them work toward a better future has to be the best feeling in the world. It takes a special person to be a medical advocate for the homeless, some of the most vulnerable members of our community, and I know that I am one of those special people.”

Kudos to Ashley

One of the Our Daily Bread clients Richard Jesse Reece has built a penchant for helping everyone in the administration at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, with all members of the staff herald his helpfulness.

“Mr. Reece is the kind of person who is convinced that you’re changing his life for the better. The truth is that he is the one  changing yours every single day,” said Estrada.  “He has taught me to be extremely grateful. I gave him clothes from some donations and he decided to repay me with his afternoon snack— and I’ve come to understand that’s just the kind of person he is.”

Reece found his way to Galveston after serving in the US Marine Corps for four years. He made a pit stop in New Orleans and after some years hitchhiked to Galveston.

“Ashley is a very good lady. She helps all of the people who come through these doors with any problems they have,” said Reece.

Reece noted how grateful he was for people like Ashley and other staff members who do more than their job every day to show how much they care.

“I would tell anyone out here on the corner; get down on their knees and thank Jesus for people like the ones here at Our Daily Bread,” said Reece. “These people go above and beyond to help us every day. The streets are a dangerous place and Our Daily Bread is the best refuge. “Our Daily Bread taught me to look toward a good life. Everyone deserves a good life and that is exactly what I plan on doing–living a good life,” Reece added.

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