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Getting His Life Back

According to the CDC, 11.3% of the American population is struggling with diabetes. While some diabetics are able to treat their condition with oral medication, others require insulin to keep their numbers stable.

George*, a long-time patient at CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic, had been managing his diabetes through oral medication. On a recent clinic visit, Beth Ryan, Point of Light’s Nurse Practitioner, noticed that his medication was no longer enough to keep his numbers low. Ryan suggested he start a regimen of insulin, but George was hesitant about taking it.

“Years ago, before he was a patient of Point of Light Clinic, George had a bad experience with insulin while hospitalized,” Ryan said. “He was adamant about not injecting insulin.”

Ryan spent time discussing what had previously happened and how his treatment could be done differently.  “After talking we agreed to try long-acting insulin, which is less likely to cause the low-blood sugar that was his main concern.”

She closely monitored his response to the medication. “He feels so much better now that his sugar is under control and said he feels like he has his life back.

Because of the generosity of our donors, I have the ability to spend time with patients, to  listen to their concerns and to work as partners to improve their health.”

*not patient’s real name

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