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Grateful to be of Service to the Community

CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics Team is in the business of saving livesLives are being saved every day by the CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics team.

While clients lined around the medical unit before being called in to see the medical team, others walked away with life changing diagnoses, medicine and treatment.

The CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Unit is in the business of changing lives.

After a recent visit to New Caney, Texas at the Fall Extravaganza, Jennifer Fuentes and her three children came seeking free flu vaccines.

Mrs. Fuentes relayed to the medical staff that their presence at the festival was a God-send, since she had no idea how she could get the vaccine for herself and her children without taking a day off from work.

Mrs. Fuentes came to the mobile unit with every intention of paying for the vaccination.

“I can’t believe the vaccines are free,” said Fuentes. “I hear about the services being available here, but I didn’t know it would be free. In my 45 years of life, I can’t recall much that has been absolutely free, but I guess there is always a first time and CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinic’s vaccines are unbelievably free.”

Fuentes expressed her gratitude incessantly for the services the CHRISTUS Healthly Living Mobile Clinics provided.

CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinic Registered Nurse, Laura Clay and Medical Assistant, Sheila Palomares, administered the flu vaccines and did health checks for cholesterol on the family.

“This is more than a job to us and the bonus of seeing the gratefulness of clients with smiles on their faces is an incredible experience,” said Clay. “We’re happy to be of service, but more than that, we’re thankful for being the people who help make a difference in the lives of clients. Everyday we get in the unit on the way to a new or remote location.”

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