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Helping Clients with Prescriptions

Sr. Rosanne Popp M.D. escorts a patient to the waiting room at CHRISTUS St. Marys Clinic after his appointment with a prescription script thanks to the CHRISTUS St. Mary's Clinic Prescription Assistance Program

Prescription Assistance Program Affords Clients Better Health and Hope


CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic, one of two stand alone clinics under the CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare banner, is changing the outlook of the underserved in and around the East End community to one of hope, through reduced-cost services provided to clients.

The majority of the clients seen at CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic are either uninsured or under insured.

“When the uninsured get sick, the last thing they should have to worry about is whether they can afford to pay for the medication to help them get better,” said Jocelyn Cox, CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic Practice Manager.

As a result, CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic supports the community’s health issues by offsetting the high cost of prescriptions through our prescription assistance program. “The prescription assistance program provides medications to clients if they qualify through a short application,” said Perla Zuniga, Pharmacy and Medical Services Coordinator. “Most of our diabetes medications and insulin can be provided to patients free of charge or at a reduced cost, based on qualifying factors.”

In 2018, CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic has provided $3,468,284 worth of prescription assistance to 2,190 clients.

CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic is able to provide this service to clients thanks to Perla’s knowledge and experience with the Rx Assistance Plus Program. The program offers a database of pharmaceutical companies, specifically to provide patients with medications they need, if they are unable to afford their medicine.

CHRISTUS St Marys 2018 Statistics block

CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic provides vital healthcare services to low-income patients in an under-served Houston community near Interstate 45 South and Wayside Drive.

CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic also serves as home-base for the CHRISTUS Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative. We provide vaccinations, preventative health care, dermatological services, podiatry services and much more.

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