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CHRISTUS Learning Center: Helping Juan’s Dream Come True

Juan Perez following his dream at the CHRISTUS Learning CenterThere is a dream that Juan Perez visualizes every day. His dream is to complete his high school diploma and start a promising career in mathematics or computer science. His dream is now closer than ever thanks to the CHRISTUS Learning Center and its staff.

Perez is currently a student at the CHRISTUS Learning Center and is only two exams away from being ready to achieve his decade-long goal.

Focus on the Goal

This year, Perez found himself looking for a place that can help him achieve his goal of graduating. A friend recommended CHRISTUS Learning Center and the rest, as they say, is history. However, Perez is quick to let anyone know that his goal of graduating with a high school diploma is only one of many goals he set for himself years ago.

“I believe studying helps you be a better person and I think there is always room for growth to become better,” said Perez. “I have many goals. This goal is simply the first of many and the most difficult because of my paraplegia.”

Willpower Despite Paralysis

Perez sustained a debilitating injury in an automobile accident five years ago that claimed the lives of five people, and left him paralyzed from his stomach down. The accident changed his life. However, it has not negatively affected his outlook. He is far from discouraged from working on his life goals. Perez’s paralysis, he quips, is not all he is and in spite of his
handicap, he aggressively pursues his dreams. Perez says that despite the challenges of his condition he is fixated on succeeding.

Before coming to the CHRISTUS Learning Center, Perez attempted to get his diploma, through a program at an area high school. Unfortunately, due to transportation and safety issues he stopped.

“I would like to study more English after completing my GED,” said Perez. “This program has been everything I could hope for. It has helped me improve my reading, writing and my math skills.”

“All my dreams and goals will become a reality thanks to the CHRISTUS Learning Center,” added Perez.

About CHRISTUS Learning Center

The CHRISTUS Learning Center provides Adult ESL (English as a Second Language), ABE (Adult Basic Education), and GED (General Educational Development) classes. ESL enables adult learners who are not fully fluent and literate in English to become proficient in communicating in English enabling them to meet their personal goals. ABE courses help adults with workforce entrance skills while the GED is a high school equivalency diploma test.

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