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Identifying Skin Cancer Early Provides Positive Outcome For Patient

Thanks to CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic’s volunteer dermatologist, Dr. Enrique Batres, one recent patient was able to have a skin rash diagnosed and prevent a rare type of skin cancer from developing.

A 26-year-old woman came to the clinic for a persistent rash that she had had for several months and was not improving.  “At first glance it appeared to be a severe eczema,” Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D. said, “but when it did not resolve with the usual treatment, the patient was referred to our volunteer dermatologist, Dr. Batres.” After a biopsy, consultation with the pathology, and numerous testings, it was determined that the patient had a very rare form of skin cancer.

This type of skin cancer slowly evolves over many years, and further aggressive treatment might not be needed for possibly 20-30 years. “However, Dr. Batres advised the patient that a special light treatment could be done to prevent the cancer from developing,” Dr. Popp said. So with the help of the clinic social worker, the patient was able to apply for and obtain a “Gold Card” (access to the Harris Health System) and begin the treatments to prevent her skin cancer from progressing.

Through the diligent work of Dr. Batres, this patient will have an opportunity to live her life without the specter of skin cancer in her future.

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