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Keeping Patients Healthy For The Long Term

by Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D.

A patient came to CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic for his health check for diabetes and high cholesterol. He had been living and working in Dallas as a construction worker, but was laid off permanently when the pandemic hit. He came back to Houston without an income or place to stay. A friend is letting him stay in his storeroom. He was finally able to get a little stove so that he could prepare his own food. Take out is expensive, and the healthy choices for a diabetic are few and far between.

So after assessing his needs, we were able to help him purchase the medications that he needed, give him information about food banks that were close to where lives, and enroll him in the Food Bank Food Rx program for people with special nutrition needs. Of course, he will not be charged for his visits to the clinic. We will keep in contact with him to make sure that he has food, shelter and medication to sustain during this crisis and beyond.

The “beyond” is what we are focusing on. Because of job loss, the effects of this crisis are long lasting, and our focus is on keeping our patients healthy for the long term.


During this time of uncertainty, we look to you to support our important missions for the underserved and uninsured.

Today, you can make a gift to CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare that will directly address COVID-19 needs. Please leave the designation as “Area of Greatest Need” and place “COVID-19” in the comment section. This designation will provide us flexibility as the situation changes over time.

We appreciate your continued support of our missions.


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