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Long-Time Galveston Resident Provides Nourishment To Homeless During COVID-19

In 2000, Armando Trevino was diagnosed with diabetes and found himself struggling with the news. His wife reminded him how good his life was and encouraged him to give back to those who were less fortunate. Trevino found CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, a homeless outreach on the Island, and has been volunteering there for almost 20 years.


Since 1986, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread has provided health and social services to Galveston’s homeless. Five days a week, clients can depend on two hot meals, medical assistance, access to psychological services, clothing and hygiene products. CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread is a program of CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare, a Houston-based non-profit organization providing medical outreach and social services to the uninsured and underserved of the Greater Houston and Galveston areas. The non-profit was founded by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word – Houston, whose roots in the area began when they arrived in Galveston in 1866 from Lyon, France.


Trevino recalls the first day he visited CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. “They told me they needed a cook,” Trevino said. “I started cooking that day.” During that time, Trevino, who was a full-time teacher at Ball High School, volunteered his cooking skills during the summer and holidays. Five years ago when he retired, he became the main cook working Monday through Friday preparing a hot lunch meal, which is always served restaurant-style.


In addition to volunteering at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread, Trevino also works part-time as a waiter at Gaido’s. He brings his 30 years of experience working at Gaido’s to his work at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. “Fresh food and cleanliness in a kitchen is what I’ve learned at Gaido’s,” Trevino said. “The food at Our Daily Bread has to be fresh. Everything has to be quality, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.”


With the onslaught of COVID-19, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread has been forced to reduce services to providing to-go meals only to its homeless clients, serving breakfast and lunch to 80-100 people daily. Trevino is there every day to prepare the lunch, along with a small group of workers.


“I admired anyone who helps people when they need it the most,” Trevino said. “We’ve shut down the island like everywhere else. They don’t have anywhere else to go. We can at least feed them.”


During this time of uncertainty, we look to you to support our important missions for the underserved and uninsured.

Today, you can make a gift to CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare that will directly address COVID-19 needs. Please leave the designation as “Area of Greatest Need” and place “COVID-19” in the comment section. This designation will provide us flexibility as the situation changes over time.

We appreciate your continued support of our missions.


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