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On The Road To A New Life

CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread’s Johnathen Vallery

George and Shelly had been married for over 25 years. They both struggled with alcohol and became homeless as a result of their addiction.  For nearly two years, George and Shelly received services from CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread while living at The Salvation Army. They both were able to secure jobs and managed to get an apartment. After several months, Shelly lost her job and began drinking again. As a result, she became ill and eventually died. George found himself homeless again and back at The Salvation Army.

“We understand the process of re-establishing our patients after years of homelessness is not an easy one,” Angela Joseph, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread Executive Director, said. “It can take many times of clients trying and failing before they are finally able to succeed in holding down a job and keeping an apartment.”

Johnathen Vallery, CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread’s Mental Health Technician, connected him with a job opportunity in the area, and George eventually found housing. After several months George reconnected with an old friend from his hometown. He ended up relocating, and he is now engaged to be married to that friend. “George keeps in touch with Johnathen and often thanks him and the Our Daily Bread team for their kindness and support,” Joseph said.

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