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Opening A Door To Hope

CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread’s Johnathen Vallery

For a couple of years, Robert was an intermittent client at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. Robert would secure a job and a place to live. However, addiction kept moving him backwards, and he would wind up on the street again.

About a year ago, Robert approached Johnathen Vallery, Our Daily Bread’s Mental Health Technician, about making a change. “He said he was tired of the back and forth and ups and downs of addiction,” Vallery said. “He wanted help in finding a rehab.”

Vallery had recently been introduced to Open Door Mission, a non-profit program in Houston helping

homeless men who struggle with addiction. “Robert had been to rehab before, but they were shorter programs,” Vallery said. “Open Door was a year-long program.”

Open Door had a spot for Robert and picked him up from Our Daily Bread. This past fall, he completed his year with the rehab program. “Robert is working as an engineer at one of Houston’s hotels,” Vallery said. “He now has his own place and has custody of his two sons. It’s heartwarming to be able to help somebody, especially when they are ready.”

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