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Our Patients Trust Us

Almost 12 years ago, after surviving, an almost fatal case of the flu, walking pneumonia, and a two-week hospitalization, Mrs. Robinson, found CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics for her health care and vaccination needs. 

Since 2005, Mrs. Robinson, regardless of her fears of needles, vowed to receive a flu shot every year to protect herself from another battle against the flu. The Mobile Clinic’s 74-year-old patient has put her faith and trust in the Mobile Clinic staff since then to ensure she is protected from the flu every flu season.

“I spent two weeks in the hospital because I did not get my flu shot. Even though I am terrified of needles, I only trust CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinic to give me my flu shot.”


Every flu season, Mrs. Robinson contacts the Mobile Clinic coordinator to find upcoming locations so she will not miss her vaccine. CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics are proud to have a patient who solely seeks services from the Mobile Clinic staff.


“Her trust in our staff means so much. We thank Mrs. Robinson for being an advocate for the flu shot, because even though needles are scary, it is very important to get immunized and stay protected durin g the flu season.” – Nancy Bocanegra, Mobile Clinic Coordinator

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