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Being the Good You Want to See in the World

Photo of Sr.Ricca Dimalibot, examining a patient Christus Point of Light Clinic in Dickinson, TexasIdentifying yourself as poverty-stricken will not prevent you from seeking medical attention at CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic. In fact, those with limited financial resources and in most cases no insurance coverage can rely on the medical professionals who work tireless hours until the last patient is seen.

Treatment at CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic is a comprehensive affair, with medical professionals who band together to offer as much comfortability and empathy as the daily schedule allows.

Hailing from Clute, Texas, Mr. Sanchez missed his scheduled appointment after walking many miles before hitching a ride to the clinic. According to Mr. Sanchez, he lives with a friend who takes care of him, but was unable to give him a ride to the clinic because he had to work.

Three hours later, Mr. Sanchez sat in the waiting room dozing off, having not signed up when he first arrived. CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic Nurse Practitioner, Andres Gil took note of the patient sound asleep in the waiting room and went to him. Gil, immediately called Sanchez in from the waiting room and tended to his medical concerns, which required a refill of his insulin medication based on his diabetic diagnosis.

Knowing his patient was in great need, Gil gave Sanchez the lunch he purchased but had not had a chance to eat since noon.

“Earlier I bought some tamales and based on his diagnosis and need for an insulin refill, I thought he needed the food more than I did, so I gave it to him,” said Gil. After being seen, Sanchez waited two more hours to be picked up and Gil volunteered to drive him home.

About CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic

The CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic was opened in 1989, in response to a growing need for healthcare providers in a low-income area between Houston and Galveston. Thirty years later, the Clinic continues to provide quality, affordable healthcare to thousands of men, women and children annually. We provide preventative health care, sick visits for children aged 2-17, sports physicals, screenings, well adult exams treatment for illnesses like diabetes or high blood
pressure, and acute care including minor injuries.

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