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CHRISTUS Clinics Offers Reduce-Priced Vaccinations

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With students across the Lone Star State returning to class, the issue of vaccinations are top of parents’ to-do lists statewide.

Thankfully, people who cannot afford vaccinations after suffering personal or familial trauma and are uninsured, can get them from CHRISTUS Healthy Mobile Living Clinics and CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic.

“CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics offer all vaccinations for children two months to 18 years of age at zero-cost,” said Bocanegra. “In addition, college-entry Meningitis vaccines that cost an average of $175-$200, for students 19 years and up, are also available.”

According to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas requires public school districts and accredited private schools to annually submit a student immunization report. The 2016-2017 report shows that over 88% of the surveyed facilities reported high rates of coverage for each vaccine.

“Vaccines help prevent the spreads of dangerous easily communicable diseases and save lives,” said Bocanegra. “Sometimes you hear of instances where students who have not been vaccinated, have subjected others to one of these serious diseases. In those cases, getting up-to-date vaccinations would have prevented the spread of the diseases.”

“Don’t wait, vaccinate,” added Bocanegra.

There are 18 serious diseases according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some of the required vaccines include Rubella, Tdap, Meningococcal, Measles, Mumps Polio and Tetanus.

Child and college vaccinations remain a very contentious issue among parents, school and college administrators.

Vaccinations are just as important for newly graduated high school seniors and new college students and college freshmen.

Living in a college environment or other shared spaces like dormitories, common areas and gyms make remaining current on all vaccinations as important as good college grades. The large numbers of students from all over the country and in some cases from all over the world poses a serious risk to anyone that has not had their vaccinations updated. These are ideal conditions for the spread of some of the contagious diseases that a student can be easily vaccinated against.

CHRISTUS Healthy Living Mobile Clinics and CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic both offer the necessary vaccinations. CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic offers walk-ins for vaccinations as well as appointments. For more information on vaccinations, visit our website

Providing vaccines at zero-cost to families and children who would otherwise be unable to afford them comes at an administrative cost that CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare is happy to absorb. If you would like to help increase the number of immunizations of children from K-12 and pre-collegiate graduates, please tender your generous gift here (

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