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Routine Care at CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic Offers Early Intervention

For those that are uninsured or underinsured, routine medical care, such as an annual physical, is a luxury that often never happens. At CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic, these individuals are able to take control of their health with minimal to no expense for medical care.

Every Wednesday, St. Mary’s Clinic provides routine health testing for cholesterol, diabetes, and more. Recently, three new patients, who had had no symptoms, were diagnosed diabetic. Through this access to healthcare, these patients were able to receive a treatment plan and medications, potentially preventing future complications from an undiagnosed condition.

Equally as important are screenings. For one St. Mary’s Clinic patient, a colonoscopy detected cancerous cells in a polyp. The patient is now scheduled for a follow-up surgery and treatment, preventing potential life-threatening colon cancer and painful and expensive treatment.

The important work done through the staff at St. Mary’s Clinic is a direct result of CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare’s generous supporters. As we close out 2019, consider a year-end gift to continue our services for those most in-need and at-risk in 2020.

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