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Small Donations Make A Major Difference

Random donations can often mean more than a donor realizes. Over the last couple of months on two separate occasions, CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic has received donations of both walkers and wheelchairs. While a call was not put out for these specific items, they became a silent blessing. 

One day, two walkers were dropped off at the clinic.  The next week, Elizabeth Ryan, N.P. had a patient of modest means who had horrible leg swelling and could barely walk.  “Her teenage daughter had to help her,” Ryan said. “I was able to give her the walker to take home to use as long as needed.”

The other walker was also quickly given to a woman who suffers chronic back pain and had severe pain. “She was holding onto walls and chairs and was at high risk for falling,” Ryan said. “I gave her the other walker to use.”

St. Bernadette’s Church in Clear Lake also donated two brand new wheelchairs.  “The wheelchairs weren’t here for a week when a long time patient with a history of COPD came in for an acute flare,” Ryan said. “She was very ill and just walking from the car into the office left her severely short of breath and very fatigued.” 

The patient lives in a mobile home, and when rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, had the foresight to install a ramp. “I was able to give her a wheelchair to use, which decreased the oxygen demand on her body,” Ryan said.  “We have mini miracles going on at Point of Light. I am so blessed to be part of these experiences.”

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