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Sometimes Shoes And Socks Are Therapy Required

by Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D., CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic

Recently, a man in his sixties showed up at the clinic for treatment of the sore on his foot. He was a diabetic, who had been untreated for many years.

Almost homeless, a friend gives him shelter, and they share food (what there is of it). He has no visible means of support, but does occasional odd jobs to earn a little money for his needs.

As our usual, we took care of his medical needs, did his laboratory testing and helped him get his needed medication. We gave him some options of food banks that were close by, which he declined (partly I am sure because he had no way to prepare it). In fact when I asked him about using the food pantries, he told me he had enough food because his friend shared his “taquitos” with him.

In the course of his physical exam, I asked him to take off his shoes, which he did. He was wearing tennis shoes that looked like they were about as old as he was and mismatched socks. They were dirty and torn. Thank God his foot ulcer was not too bad, and our podiatrist Dr. Wolf has been working with him to get it healed.

We immediately realized that as much as his medication, this gentlemen needed socks – several pairs that he could change regularly and a decent pair of shoes. Dr. Wolf recommended a type that would help heal his ulcers.  Thanks to the generous donations of so many friends, board members, and more, we were able to get him his new pair of shoes, so that he can be more active and protect his foot.

Without our generous donors, we would have a hard time going the extra mile. Sometimes shoes and socks are therapy required.

During this time of uncertainty, we look to you to support our important missions for the underserved and uninsured. Consider a donation today.


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