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St. Mary’s Clinic Makes a Difference

Little GirlEight year old Sandra Lopez’s parents brought her to St. Mary’s Clinic to update her vaccines.

While there, she tested positive for Tuberculosis, a plausible outcome, as the US is one of the few countries that mandated the administration of the BCG vaccine at birth and under the age of 10.

Under the care of Sr. Rosanne Popp, it was decided that a TB blood test was the best course of action.

The cost of the vaccine alone, would most probably have been too much for her family to afford. The test was administered at zero-cost to the family and it concluded that she didn’t have Tuberculosis. That test saved both Sandra and her parents stress, strain (financial) and a number of follow up tests and procedures.

Thanks to St. Mary’s Clinic Sandra was able to return to school and continue her semester.

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