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St. Mary’s Clinic Rings In The New Year With Gratitude

Sister Rosanne Popp, M.D.
Medical Director, St. Mary’s Clinic

What do six homemade tamales, one homegrown banana and a Dollar Store ring have in common? These are symbols of gratitude for our service at St. Mary’s Clinic. I am always amazed that people who have so little look for ways to show their gratitude for what we do for them. Sometimes they bring fruit from their garden, a box of candy, a handmade table scarf or a religious article, like a small statue or rosary.

Monetarily, none of these amount to much, but they are invaluable – they are the widow’s mite. These gifts are what gratitude and thankfulness are really all about – gifts from the heart. I am always so humbled to receive these, because I know that the bearers of these gifts have sacrificed to bring us them. And it is from their heart to our heart that we accept them and treasure them.

So in case you are ever wondering if your donations and support of our ministry are appreciated, the answer is yes. Not only by the ones of us who have the means to provide the ministry, but also to those who receive it as well.

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