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The Mission of Our Daily Bread Means A Lot To Me

For Johnathan Vallery, God brought him to CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. Originally from Louisiana, Vallery has been living in Galveston since he was two. Five years ago he was introduced to CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread.

Vallery was working for a security company and substituted for the regular security officer at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread. After a few days there, former Program Director Linda Coleman requested that he be permanently assigned to Our Daily Bread, based on his compassion and professionalism with the clientele.

Three years ago, Vallery was promoted to Mental Health Technician. Through his position, he works closely with the counselors to help the clients. “I really get to know the clients, especially the ones with a mental health diagnosis, so I can identify if they are having an off day.” Vallery works with the security officer on staff to keep everyone safe and assists the other staff members with daily needs.

For Vallery, the best part of working at CHRISTUS Our Daily Bread is the leadership and working with a caring team.

“The mission of Our Daily Bread means a lot to me,” Vallery said. “Meeting people from all walks of life and to be able to give people their lives back is such rewarding work. It was not my chosen profession, but I think God brought me here.”

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