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You Have Changed My Life

Recently, a middle-aged female came to CHRISTUS Point of Light Clinic in need of counseling services. She was crying uncontrollably and could hardly stand or move around, as she was completely overwhelmed by circumstances and emotions.

“The client had experienced childhood trauma and traumatic experiences in adulthood, and was dealing with extreme work-related stress and family issues,” Holly Pryor, a Krist Samaritan counselor at Point of Light Clinic, said. There had also been the threat of losing a loved one which eventually was resolved, but the anxiousness from the experience remained. “She engaged in negative self-talk and most things were viewed with a negative perspective,” Pryor said.

There has been an increase over the past year of people seeking counseling. “Many have strong fears that are COVID-related. Some have also experienced increased anxiety due to many of the things happening in the country and the world, including politics, riots, violence, access to food and other necessities. This is not an extensive list, but shows some examples of what clients are dealing with,” Pryor said.

According to Pryor, on completion of the patient’s first session, she was able to hold herself upright, stop crying, and “she even laughed once prior to exiting the session.” Pryor and the client have continued to work together. “She has learned strategies to deal with anxiety as well as gaining the ability to challenge and change thoughts in everyday situations,” Pryor said.

After her last counseling session, the client stated, “You have changed my life.” She is currently working on some big life changes and is managing her stress level well.

With your support, we can continue to provide healthcare and mental health counseling to underserved patients in the Dickinson area.

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